Commissions and Contracts


WILLOW POTTERY (Bath) Working in a variety of pottery processes (2023-present) 




BATH COMEDY FESTIVAL Making stage backdrops (2022-2023)




TIMOTHY RICHARDS COMMISSIONS (Bath) Constructing and detailing architectural models and sculptural replicas (2006-2023)




ESTUARY FESTIVAL 2021  Building sets and filming accompanying visuals to Alison Moore’s short story ‘In Time’ (2021)




MR BROCCOLI (Bath) Designing and making Mr Broccoli soft sculpture headgear (2019)





NATURAL THEATRE COMPANY (Bath) Annual commissions for Greenwich Theatre and other props and costumes (2001-2009)





COD STEAKS (Bristol) Working on sets and props for Aardman’s ‘Curse of the Were Rabbit’ and other projects (2004-2008)




THE EGG THEATRE (Bath) Design Director for productions and workshops (2005-2006)





WHALE AND DOLPHIN CONSERVATION (Chippenham) Designing and sculpting life-size dolphins for the Scottish Dolphin Centre (2005)




RED COLLAR PRODUCTIONS (Cheltenham) Assisting on set production for the BBC2 animated series ‘Little Red Tractor’ (2004)




RAGDOLL PRODUCTIONS (Stratford-upon-Avon) Developing and operating puppets for a pilot series (2000-2001)




SPACEFUND (Canterbury) Designing and making inflatable planets for a touring educational show (2000)




THEATRE-RITES (London) Assisting with sets, props and puppets for ‘Pillowworks’ and ‘Sleep Tight’ (2000)




DECORAM (Brighton) Producing props for exhibitions and events (1998-2000)





SAME SKY (Brighton) Building sculptures for displays and events (1998-2000)





ELEMENTAL DESIGN (London) Creating props for store displays (1998)




MOVING IMAGE (London) Designing, creating and operating a spaceship and alien for a short film (1997)




STAFFELL VANE (London) Finishing projects from exhibitions to commercials (1996-1998)