Clay sculpt of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the dissent collar, 2022





Stills from ‘In Time’, with set builds recreating Suttons Manor House in Shoeburyness and the Broomway on the Thames Estuary.

Filmed to accompany a short story by author Alison Moore.

Screened as part of the Estuary Festival 2021.





Mr Broccoli appeared across the media in October 2019 after climate change protests.








Props and costumes produced over several years for The Natural Theatre Company, including annual commissions for Greenwich Theatre.






Panda costume designed and created for a Nolan uPVC advert. Aired on S4C, 2008.






Life-size bottlenose dolphins, ‘Mother and Calf’, created for the ‘Underwater World’ exhibition, 2005. Situated at Moray Firth, Inverness.







Stills from ‘Lights Out’, screened at The Cube Cinema, Bristol, 2003.






Orca whale costume produced for WDC and featured on SMTV Live, 2003.






Inflatable planets designed and constructed for the ‘Kids In Space’ touring show, 2000.






Lightweight cherub props, 1998.






Spaceship set with flashing display panel and a moving extra-terrestrial.

Produced for a film by Moving Image, 1997.